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  Welcome to: A.C.E.T. (Association of Children's English Teachers)
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Welcome To A.C.E.T's Home Page! A.C.E.T is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the English Education of Children in Japan. Our study-group is made up of both Japanese, as well as native English teachers. We meet just about every 2nd Sunday of the month (except January and August) from 1:30pm to 3:30pm at the AMIKAS building across from Nishitetsu Takamiya station in Fukuoka, Japan.
We constantly strive to improve our teaching skills. A typical meeting will include various volunteers sharing songs, games, activities, and various teaching methods that have proven successful in the classroom. A Brainstorming session is usually held at the tail end of each meeting in order to go over any class problems that teachers may encounter. Bring your questions and ideas.
Let's all participate in activity sharing!! Remember, all activity volunteers are half price (only 500 yen!!)
All fees are collected to pay for events such as guest speakers ( from afar), for room rental and materials etc.  we are strictly non-proffit and pride ourselves on not having and political agenda or affiliation with any other organizations.

ACET Officers:

 President: Yoriko Taniyama Vice-P: Donnie Kendrick Secretary: Sumiko Zenin Treasurer: Suzuko Asakawa P.R. Direc: Nichole Mayfield Web Master: Nigel Phillips

LAST meeting for 2003:

DECember: Sunday the 14th, 1:30-3:00pm)Amikas 2nd floor Kenshushitsu B
Warm-up song: Hiroko Itamochi

Activities: Riki and Shiori ( betsu betsu)

Demonstration of making flash cards on a PC

Discussion: Any class or discipline problems?

Announcements: No Meeting in Jan, 2004

Happy New Year to All!!!!!


Christmas Party 3-4pm

Fee: 300yen (or bring a pot-luck dish)

100 yen-present exchange!


Meeting Venue:
Amikas (Fukuoka City Women's Center)
3-3-1, Takamiya, Minami-ku, Fukuoka

For location information ONLY:
TEL 092-526-3755
FAX 092-526-3766

Click on map for link to Amikas